Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to cleaning, you name it and we will deliver. This is because we specialise in the field. We have improvised our standards by the means of strategic continuous improvements. With 18 years experience we have conducted many trials to improve our quality standards, efficiency, and safe working procedures. This enables us to provide our customers the quality assurance and workmanship guarantee.
bigstock-cleaning-floor-with-machine-48485468 Our services include:

  • General cleaning
  • Machine scrubbing
  • Machine sweeping
  • Floor strip and polish
  • Floor buffing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Water blasting
  • Steam cleaning and high pressure blasting
  • Display window coating with water repellent
  • Commercial floor coating
  • Factory floors

These are some of the common areas we clean on regular basis
Cleaning for Audit inspections. We have done many pre audit cleans, such as Fonterra audits, MPI audits, IRB audits, council audits


      • Critical hygiene areas
      • Production areas
      • General office cleaning
      • Supermarket (machine scrubbing)
      • Cleaning schools and pre schools
      • Cleaning food court
      • Medical clinics
      • Café, bar and restaurants
      • Have machinery
      • Process work areas and machines
      • Car parks

We will work the hours that is most convenient for you as we operate 24/7.

We do daily, weekly, monthly cleans; enables us to accommodate any given schedule.

We provide our customers with quality and workmanship guarantee. All our employees are trained with standard operating procedure and health and safety procedures.

Liability insurance is in place for your peace of mind.

All complains are followed up by the company director and rectified within 24 hours.